In any case, remember that WWDC is a conference primarily for developers. Although attention to the “simple” user to it is also chained (not as a presentation for the autumn, where ayfonchiki, but still) — because at WWDC to announce new features of the operating systems for all devices, and of any “glands” can go.

Human controllers for Apple TV
Three years ago, Apple has turned Apple TV almost in Xbox. The extender got its own app store, where apps there and games. From the beginning the company was assured that all games should be required to support the remote control Siri (which resembles a Wii Remote), but optional — and only optionally support gamepads.

With! Controllers to Apple TV can only connect via Bluetooth — no other way has not been invented (a cord, for example, it was impossible). And this, in principle, a good idea, because Bluetooth gamepads in the world pond-pond, but Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it just allowed such arbitrariness. However, your controller company to develop not wanted and just licensed a couple of models of third-party companies. In the end, gamepads for the Apple TV was sold at a price of 6-9 thousand rubles in retail stores. Yes, usually such controllers, without any special frills.

But now Apple has realized that it can’t continue. You can impose your standards and limit existing open standards, but if you’re a nobody in the gaming market and want a piece of it something better to adapt to more successful children. From now on (but not clear — at what time and what models of Apple TV is concerned) to the extender you can connect a gamepad of the Xbox One S/X (one with Bluetooth) and the DualShock 4 from the PlayStation 4.

Another thing — why would the owners of these consoles have some defective parody of the game with Apple TV. However, there is rather the opposite — if you have an Apple TV and even arrange the games on it, but I want more convenient control — you can buy a relatively inexpensive console gamepads. However, I believe a serious omission that is not announced and support Nintendo Pro Controller Switch — after all, this is one of the best controllers to date.

Apple Watch, which you really aren’t listening

As usual, much attention was paid to the smart watch. Personally, I believe that the Apple Watch and the iPad is the best Apple products. And it is a pity that the Apple Watch has not learned (and, apparently, never learn) to work with Android. Although, if sales of iPhones will continue to drop — who knows…

In General, we are waiting for new straps, another portion of the dials (instead of a constructor of dials, as it would make normal people), finally own app-the calculator, even greater independence from the iPhone… But one of “innovation” is confused.

As we know, Apple has long presses that collects no user data. Like, everything is handled on the device and only on the device. And here we show the application analyzer background noise. Talk about it for 5 minutes… And then again assure that no audio data in it Apple, sends, and analyzes the noise just is it only in your best interests.

And here I do not really understand. First and foremost, do not understand the huge importance of this application is that it is a long story. Like, I can’t understand how loud that place where I am? It’s not the spy accessory in actual fact and not a measuring instrument. And here really there is a feeling that Apple is out there somewhere disingenuous, and in the absence of data collection is somehow not very believable. But we’ll talk a little lower.

iOS 13
The Apple “magic numbers” does not believe, and therefore did not hesitate of the number 13. And correctly. Moreover, the promise to increase performance and speed of loading applications will grow twice, and the volume of downloaded data will be reduced by 50% (and 60% in updates), and also announced a dark theme for the interface, as it was earlier in macOS.

And here I note that this is not just some “svistoplyaska”. The fact that the iPhone does not support threads is know everything and, of course, bad. But the fact that it will be possible to put the dark theme is very good considering the transition to AMOLED displays. If you regularly read our reviews of smartphones, could not help but notice that when testing the autonomy of smartphones with AMOLED often show better results even for watching a movie than reading a book (and we test read it with black text on white background).

Setting dark theme will allow to improve significantly the autonomy — assuming that 20% to 50% depending on usage. But again, this would only apply to AMOLED screens. XR for iPhone and older models, nothing will change.

Sign In With The Apple

Another important feature worth discussing separately. You probably will not again faced with buttons such as “Login with Facebook account” or “Login with Google account” on different sites. It helps to remember passwords for each site (which, actually, increases security — do not have anywhere to enter the same password, don’t write passwords on a piece of paper, etc.), but Apple sees this as a breach of confidentiality. Once you approve the login using the same Google — and now your email is disclosed to third parties. And even on the contrary — Google knows which sites you visit, and what to do there. (Roughly speaking, of course, but let’s not quibble — that’s not the point).

Apple is now offering its entry system and swears that no extra data is not reported to anyone, and your information from other sites does not collect. On the one hand, it sounds plausible — for example, they even offer a service spoofing e-mail. Like, if the site on which you are logged in with your Apple account requires you to email, Apple slips them some random address, from which letters are forwarded (forward) to you. That is, you can get letter (for account verification, for example), and the site your e-mail doesn’t know. Moreover, for each site is generated by your swing and you can address them one by one to disable.

It’s cool. More embarrassing — why Apple so strongly emphasizes the fact that does not collect any data, even where this is not so important and where it is not very hard to believe (as in the case of the Apple Watch and a compass)?

I have a version. It is a conspiracy, but you just listen. In no case do not insist that all is well.

As we can see, Apple is now in the position of catching up. Not only for the “glands”, but also in services. Apple today almost all worse than its main competitor — Google. Google’s assistant is better (and because Apple says Siri will now “speak” using a neural network text-to-speech), and better (and because Apple spends a lot of money on the development of their cards — a promise to finish a map of the US in 2019, but there is a wild detail), and cloud storage of photos better. And they’re free.

And Apple is trying to catch up. Here show you the updated Photos app, which “of course not napominet” Google Photo.

What can justify the gap company, that used to be the first that ignores all the failures, like the Soviet government?

And here by the way cool excuse: “but we do not collect your data! All processing is performed only on the device, and therefore its quality is a little lower of course than the competition. But privacy!”.

Well, let’s say. But then the Apple shows and that’s the app that listens to “just noise”, and search MacBook using the Bluetooth module of other devices. In essence — your, say, iPhone can without you knowing via Bluetooth to determine the approximate location of nearby stolen or lost MacBook.

It would seem — well, Yes, your data is always somewhere for something used, once you connect, say, to Wi-Fi. Such a thing as a location, has long ceased to be private — apparently, even Apple doesn’t see this as a problem. But where in this sequence, since I started talking about privacy? Know what’s even better help to track lost gadgets? That’s right — a permanent recording of location. What recently criticized Google, saying, “watching us”. But Google it and not hides — Yes, I do, but for your own good. If you do not want — will not now button how to disable and erase history of your travels.

And Apple? I have the feeling that if they do not follow, not because I don’t want to, but because that is a convenient excuse — why the services are worse than Googly.

iPad to the new OS
But let the good. iPad will get its own OS — although, in fact, it will simply be a special modification of the iOS, as is the case with the same Apple TV. But it’s good. iPad is the best tablet in the world where you can really work and not just watch cartoons. For example, I write music on it and use it as a guitar processor (quality of sound processing at the level of the Studio — “pedals” to do that). Others draw, design, make design. Even videos it is possible to mount for a blog, for example.

But the iPad has always been a limited operating system designed to work in a single window. It was tried to solve through splitskrin and now est? the solution is not perfect, but the main thing — development iPadOS will go its own way. And so it is, however, a long time coming. But now, for example, will be able in one screen to see multiple notes in a Notes or a few letters in the Previously, it was impossible even with the splitskrina.

And file Manager Files — about a miracle! — Column View, well known to users of macOS, and the ability to view all file attributes, and can be flash drives to work without third party tools. And pictures, for example, to import directly into the app for processing, and not using your Photos library (and working photos will not be commingled with personal).

Well, the main thing — the iPad can now be used as a second screen for the MacBook, and with the support of the sensor.

Terka Pro and the monitor without the stand

Mac Pro series of Apple computers for professionals. To clarify — not for games, not for casual onlookers, and for professionals. Typically the Mac Pro are in video production studios, music studios, in General, where the desired performance in the first place.

Once the Mac Pro was similar to a PC. A large body, replaceable components. A few years ago made an ultra-compact Mac Pro in the form of… Well… of the Jar, so to speak. It was good, but replace the components is nearly impossible (well, there is memory, SSD and all).

And now Apple returns almost “to basics”, presenting the new Mac Pro, which front similar to a grater. But with incredible customization possibilities the innards — in fact, there are real, human PCI-e.

It is a computer, of course, almost like a car, and in addition thereto is proposed and a new monitor, Apple Pro Display XDR. Clarify: this is not a replacement for the Apple Thunderbolt Display, which was still consumersim product. This is professional monitor, which on paper looks really good. Real HDR (10-bit matrix) with a rated brightness of 1000 CD/m and a peak — 1600 CD/m2, 32 inch, resolution 6K, technology against reflections (nano-texture glass), cool stand, and the prices are lower than similar competitors. Cool?

Well, Yes. Until you know that $ 5,000 is the price for the base model, without nano-textures. And stand not included and separately is $ 1000.

Thus, it shows the monitor with a nano-texture and stand is already $ 7,000. And it’s still cheaper than the competitor represented, but there is a feeling that you were trying to cheat. The more the competitor (Sony HX Trimaster 4K) I have found not at 43,000 dollars, as shown at the presentation, and for 30000. Again — still a big difference, but… let’s Not forget that Sony have a lot of inputs, and the Apple Pro XDR Display — only Thunderbolt 3. Apparently, even normal HDMI will not be there.

So Sony is definitely not the monitor for your home PC. Japanese people generally call their model a “control monitor”. But Apple is not entirely clear. Like the analog, but sort of not. That is, the comparison is not quite fair. But, in any case, and the Apple Pro Display XDR — gadget is not for everyone. Like the Mac Pro, which will get the power supply right up to 1.4 KW.


I will not comment on professional products — it’s not my job included installation of Hollywood blockbusters, but for music purposes I have enough iPad. Products I mentioned in the text only for two reasons: first — because they had a presentation; second — to the ignorant did not hegyeli: “check me out. Monitor for 7 Grand! Apple does bye-bye! Yes, I can BenQ 7 thousand rubles to buy!”.

As for the rest, Apple quietly still flexes in the right direction. Support human controllers, the stick on the iPad, trying to catch up to Google on features regular applications (albeit without direct mention of a competitor). In the end, the calculator on the iPad and on the Apple Watch. Well, Yes, it was worth 9 years of being stubborn to finally do what people need.

It’s all good. The market will break through the knee, the Apple company got a little overzealous in their exclusivity. By the way, the presentation was clear how the iPhone with its ridiculous broad bangs it looks now outdated against the competitors who have bangs first turned into “drops” and is now disappearing due to new technologies (camera under the screen — how cool is that?).

As for privacy — still, I have serious doubts. In my opinion, it is better to honestly tell the user what is happening and try to negotiate — what exactly is “leaked” to the manufacturer, and what not, than to pretend that they are fighting for privacy, but here and there slowly interfering in the work of the client devices.

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