Banners with service repair of Apple technology recommendations is known to help keep popping up on YouTube. First to respond to the illegal use of his name and image in Studio Valentina Petukhova, known as Size. “360” talked with the producer of the blogger and found out that he is taking to protect its master.

In the material published on the website of the Studio, says that the company is lying about his involvement in Apple, and the Size has nothing to this company nothing.

“Several people have sent us screenshots, which showed how the service advertises its services, noting that Valentin Wylsacom recommends it. We’re a little stunned, because for the first time heard about it,” — said in the statement.

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In addition to Size the service to “advertise” and other well-known videoblogger, including Yuri Dude. positioning itself as the official service from Apple, and even uses the picture from the official website.

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That this service does not have official certification, the author of the text found when dealing with a representative of Apple support.

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“Genius-Service lies and does not blush, Size does not recommend to apply to this organization”, — summed total of the author of the text.

Producer of the Studio Ilya Ovcharenko in conversation with “360”, said that with the service center representatives have talked the Studio and threatened litigation for using someone else’s image.

“They raised their hands, climbed into the bushes and said what all we’ll shoot, we’ll do that”, — he explained.

The producer stressed that to take screenshots from the users in the Studio didn’t even know who they are. In this case, after the commencement of trial “service” tried to agree about product placement.

“The process didn’t go, so they decided to make a kind of such arbitrariness,” — said Ilya Ovcharenko.

He emphasized that if the illegal is minimized, no compensation to demand the Studio not going. Also Size Studio is not going to unite with other bloggers whose images it uses in its advertising this service.

“They have their own system managers and producers. We gave a signal, but then have to dig will not” — summed it up.

In the Russian representation of the company Apple has not commented on the situation with the service center.


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