On the YouTube channel Wylsacom 17 Aug 2018 appeared a video in which bloggers talk about CarPlay and its strengths and weaknesses.

The development was presented in 2013. Then it was called iOS in the Car, and was renamed CarPlay only for the next year. The essence of the technology lies in the fact that the iPhone screen is duplicated on the multimedia panel of the car. According to Ilya Kazakova for four years, the system has not undergone almost no changes, and unfortunately, in 2018 its functions is not enough.

5 things that desperately needed CarPlay

The ability to play videos from YouTube or from the phone memory

Yes, it can be unsafe while driving, but when the car stands, the video could help the driver to brighten up the waiting time.

Sound settings

CarPlay does not alter sound settings, the system can manage audio equipment of the vehicle. And if the manufacturer did not care about multi-channel equalizer, the user will have to put up with mediocre sounding tracks.

Deeper integration with the car

Apple gave developers the ability to create applications for machines even with the advent of iOS 9. However, the automakers do not seek to take advantage of it.

The emergence of third-party navigation

Unfortunately, Google Maps and Yandex.Navigator work in Russia much better than Apple Maps. Besides third-party services are often more informative and able to provide the driver a really important and relevant data about the current traffic situation.


At WWDC was announced to plan a route to a certain destination without typing the address. Maybe with the official release of iOS 12 car will be able to get the user home or to a friend, requesting his location through the service “Find friends”.


Now for CarPlay, there are about 10-15 apps which are completely not adapted for the Russian realities. The developers could create a variety of useful programs, but they are stopped by the strict requirements of Apple. If the Corporation will revise its rules, but developers will dare to overcome the difficulties, the market CarPlay applications can be very attractive.

However, CarPlay, Android Auto is much more functional — says Valentin Petukhov, also known as Wylsa. The blogger hopes that with the official release of iOS 12 Apple will be even better.

The undoubted advantages of CarPlay


Many ridiculed the intellectual capacity of a voice assistant Apple, but he’s doing well with the implementation of voice commands.


CarPlay supports not only Apple Music, but Spotify and “Yandex.Music.” The user can listen to your favorite songs and switch tracks with one touch.


For those who are used productively spend time behind the wheel, the opportunity to listen to audio books and publications would be especially useful.


Typing with a large display is much more convenient than a smartphone screen, besides CarPlay is well able to record and send voice messages.

Simple and convenient interface

Apple much better user-friendly than any multimedia interface car brand.


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