All titles ambitious iPhone.

Already on 12 September Apple introduced a new 6.1-inch iPhone with LCD display, to which all the leading analysts are predicting to become the most popular smartphone in the coming years. On the novelty known a lot (a detailed review), but the name of the smartphone remains undisclosed. Most often, a new 6.1-inch Apple smartphone referred to as iPhone 9, but over the last week there have been several leaks that point to other names. So how will the upcoming iPhone?

The first option is iPhone 9

Throughout 2018 more affordable compared to the flagship 6.1-inch iPhone called the iPhone 9. This name is logical — model will be the successor to the iPhone 8, including cost. Smartphone so called analysts and insiders, so the community established this name.

The second option — iPhone XC

However, at the end of August, all previous rumors are indirectly denied the biggest leak from Apple’s website. It has been found the names of the new flagships — iPhone Xs and Xs Max iPhone. With very high probability the 5.8-and 6.5-inch iPhone with OLED displays will get such names.

The names of the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs and Max made a direct allusion to the fact that 6.1-inch smartphone will be called in a similar way. For example, the iPhone Xc. Several sources have reported this, and after their words were backed up by the recent leak.

Adding the prefix “c” to the name of the smartphone will not be Apple for something new. In 2013, the company has released a plastic iPhone 5c, which has become a “Lite” version of the iPhone 5s. Given that 6.1-inch iPhone will be similar to the “simplified” version of the original iPhone X, this name may be selected.

The third option — iPhone

The last option is the easiest. Since the beginning of the year, when the first reliable information about the new 6.1-inch smartphone Apple, some experts have called it simply “iPhone”.

For Apple, such a simplification is, again, not be a novelty. Apple refused the numbers in the names of the models in iPad, and did so very successfully. Users there is no confusion in the tablet, models are distinguished by the year of release. Possible that Apple has decided to apply the successful experience in the case of the iPhone.

At the moment 6.1-inch iPhone sample 2018 often called the iPhone 9. Now this is the most likely name of the smartphone, but the exact answer is known only to Apple.

And she would announce it already September 12. Recall that will conduct direct text broadcast of the presentation of Apple.



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