Unusual products from Xiaomi!

The company produces Xiaomi in China, not even hundreds, but thousands of different products. Most of them remain only in the Chinese market to Russia reaches only smartphones, fitness-bracelets, external batteries and several types familiar to all devices. Fortunately, AliExpress many unusual products, Xiaomi still represented and you can buy them. In this material, collected six original Xiaomi products, which fell this week.

Xiaomi produces a variety of products in China under different brands, the most famous of which Mijia. But besides him there are other brands. Under them are sometimes even strange products like water filters or detection sensors for dogs. Some of the more unusual products we have provided below.

Ceramic knives

Price: 747 rubles (discount 26%).

The sub-brand of Xiaomi HUOHOU working on a variety of kitchen appliances, among which are knives. And knives unusual, and is made of ceramics using zircon sand, mined in Australia. Due to this, the knives are environmentally friendly, but very sharp. And, of course, impressive modern design of knives — work specialists Xiaomi is visible immediately.

“Smart” Rubik’s cube

Price: 2 661 rouble (30% discount).

Yes, you read it right — this clever Rubik’s cube. In his body has sensors which are determined by a special app for your smartphone or tablet. Due to this, you can solve the cube for speed, and the app will post your result. Or to solve the cube in the tutorial mode. The app will tell you which face and which side you want to turn. However, even without the “chips” of this cube is very remarkable with its stylish appearance.

Waterproof case for all smartphones

Price: 535 roubles (discount 34%).

But this product Xiaomi could sell directly in Russia — the demand would be huge. This universal waterproof pouch for all smartphones. At its core, it is protected from water pouch with transparent back surface in order that the user could continue to photograph. A cool thing that would greatly help out. Plus, buying cover will not hit the pocket, unlike the expensive brand waterproof cases for specific models of smartphones. And case do not have to change after buying a new smartphone.

Holder for cables

Price: 330 roubles (discount 56%).

If on your desktop the constant chaos of cables, this gadget will save you. This compact holder cables with an unusual design under the tree. Accessory not only bring order on your Desk, but also decorate the interior.

Electric machine to remove the pellets

Price: 1 214 rubles (discount 31%).

Pilling on clothes no one likes. Xiaomi is aware of this and offered to deal with the problem the most simple way. The company has created electric car to quickly remove pilling from sweaters, pants and outerwear. The machine can run directly from an external battery Xiaomi.

A travel mug for coffee

Price: 2 251 rouble (25% discount).

Want to take a coffee and look the most stylish? Xiaomi will help to solve this problem. Thermo brand Mijia incredibly sleek look and keeps the warmth inside for several hours. Mug available in several colors, including the currently fashionable gradients.


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