That would be so reasoned all manufacturers.

The Chinese company Xiaomi known for its inexpensive but powerful devices. The reluctance to raise prices of smartphones is due to the concern of the company about the “purse” of users. This was stated by the Indian head division Xiaomi Manu Kumar Jain.

According to a top Manager, Xiaomi will not sell smartphones at a price of $699 and above, as do other manufacturers. They are unreasonably increase prices because of the desire to obtain additional profit, which is contrary to the philosophy of the company, said Jain.

The only circumstance which can affect the rising cost of Xiaomi smartphones in components. In all other cases, the company will do everything it can to offer users a smartphone for a reasonable price.

It should be noted that the business model of Xiaomi implies a margin of 5% from each sold unit. This is in stark contrast with the desire of other manufacturers to profit by increasing the prices of the flagships of up to $1000. As an example of affordable smartphone you can lead a POCO F1, which for $300 offers a powerful stuffing in the form of eight-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 with a unique cooling system and 6 GB of RAM.

Source: Gizmochina


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