Sales will start November 11.

Xiaomi is known for its budget devices and it seems that the company does not intend to stay the course. Today Xiaomi has launched announced the launch AirDots — new fully-wireless headset in the style of AirPods only 1 900 rubles.

AirDots — new fully wireless headphones Xiaomi. AirDots similar to Apple AirPods from not only the title. Headphones are also designed in a minimalist design, are white and are equipped with a plastic case to charge the headset. Budget AirDots due to the fact that the headphones are deprived of any protection from water and noise cancellation. Xiaomi decided to save it.

On the other hand, AirDots supports Bluetooth 5.0. First and foremost, thanks to this earphone can work four hours in mode of listening to music at full volume. The charging case allows you to charge the headset fully three times in just a few minutes, so the total time of Autonomous work AirDots — 12 hours. In addition, due to the 5.0 Bluetooth headphones will keep in communication with the sound source at a great distance.

AirDots will go on sale in China on 11 November, the first day of total sales, timed to the world day of shopping. Price AirDots 199 yuan or 1 900 rubles at the current exchange rate. It is expected that soon AirDots will be sold on AliExpress.

Source: Xiaomi.


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