The headphones just become popular.

Xiaomi company officially presented the Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones Pro. Creating headphones, Xiaomi designers have definitely inspired AirPods — the product turned out very similar to the popular Apple headphones. The price of Xiaomi AirDots Pro is much lower than the AirPods.

Wireless headphones Xiaomi AirDots Pro

Fully wireless headphones AirDots Pro are very similar to the AirPods design. Headphone has got an identical shape and size, as well as a charging case, which AirDots Pro can charge on the go. Moreover, some of the promotional images released today Xiaomi, designed in the spirit of Apple.

Characteristics Xiaomi AirDots Pro is also repeated for AirPods. Headphones equipped with a special infrared sensor that determines whether wearing headphones at the moment or not. Due to this, the headphone sensor can automatically stop music playback if the user removes them. If headphones to wear, the music plays automatically.

On the headphone sensor fields located to control the playback of music. Touching them, the user can switch tracks, change volume, and perform other actions.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro is sold with a compact charging case. It allows you to quickly charge your headphones — 10 minutes of charging will give the opportunity to listen to the music for 70 minutes. The battery life of the headphone is equal to about three hours, but given the option of fast charging to listen to music will work for 10 hours.

The headphones are connected to the source of sound via Bluetooth LE 4.2. Despite all their capabilities, Xiaomi AirDots Pro is very compact and light — their weight is only 58 g.

Price Xiaomi AirDots Pro

Price Xiaomi AirDots Pro — 399 yuan or 3900 rubles on the current exchange rate. Date of start of sales of Xiaomi AirDots Pro — January 11. It is expected that until the end of January headphones will be available on the site AliExpress.


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