The novelty is sure to be popular.

Company Xiaomi presented its new original device. Xiaomi has created an unusual wireless headphones Bluetooth Headset Karaoke Forbidden City Edition, which will be perfect for fans to sing karaoke.

Headphones equipped with a microphone and support custom applications for karaoke. However, not only the possibility of connection with the application for karaoke makes the best headphones for fans to sing. Headset supports special feature, which can improve the voice. For example, a headset can change the tone of voice, allowing you to achieve the best sound.

In addition, directly on the headset there are two buttons to activate useful functions. The first button is responsible for the immediate recording voices in high quality with the possibility to download the song to your smartphone or computer. And the second allows you to start the karaoke mode even without having to initially run the application.

Karaoke is very popular in China and other Asian countries, so the novelty predict a great success. The Xiaomi has not yet announced the price of the headphones, but noted that the novelty will go on sale in the coming weeks, including on AliExpress.


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