Mi AirDots should not be worse AirPods.

Xiaomi company plans to release a fully analogue AirPods wireless headphones from Apple. According to sources, Xiaomi Mi AirDots developing headphones that will have great sound, very large battery life and attractive price.

Earphone Xiaomi Mi AirDots will be completely wireless — no wired connection between them. According to the released information, the developers Xiaomi will focus on sound quality and battery life. Before the engineers task is to make the headphones “better than Apple”.

At the same time, Xiaomi Mi AirDots will be the budget. The heads of Xiaomi noticed that all the analogues AirPods go on sale on similar to the phenomenally popular Apple headphones. In this regard, the AirPods counterparts do not receive due attention of buyers.

Xiaomi does not intend to prevent such a mistake and plans to make Mi AirDots affordable for most buyers. However, it now specific price new wireless headphones Xiaomi is not reported. Release date Mi AirDots is also still kept secret.


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