The original “smart” sleep mask.

The Chinese company Xiaomi fans are cheap new and original gadget. Xiaomi has launched the sale of “smart” sleep mask Easy Air Brain Wave Eye Sleeping Mask that allows people to fall asleep much faster.

Xiaomi Easy Air Brain Wave Sleeping Eye Mask — one of the most unusual masks for sleeping. She has three electrodes that monitor the brain activity of a person. Mask collects data and analyzes them using artificial intelligence technology to play the music, most suitable for falling asleep at a particular moment.

Through this approach unusual gadget from Xiaomi helps you fall asleep regardless of how much he strained or how great was the stress of the day. The mask continues to play music and to follow brain activity as long as the person is not asleep. When the mask “understands” that the user begins to fall asleep, the music gradually becomes quieter. Due to this, the mask can not Wake the person when he is asleep.

Also, the mask works as an alarm clock. At the set in a special Supplement of the times, it will play nice melody to Wake up. The music begins quietly, but gradually increases to a comfortable awakening.

Xiaomi Easy Air Brain Wave Sleeping Eye Mask went on sale in Chinese stores Xiaomi. The price of an unusual gadget is $35 or 2.2 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate. It is expected that in the near future the device will go on sale on AliExpress.



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