Xiaomi Mi 9 survived the test of strength, but the protection of the camera — not If you were looking forward to another test of strength performed by Zach from jerryrigeverything once, then here it is. The last device that has passed testing it on scrapes, burns and bend is 9 Mi from Xiaomi.

You can watch the video embedded below to learn how passed the test of the smartphone, when it encounters a scratch, the burn screen and also folds on both sides.

It has become the norm for modern flagships, but especially Xiaomi advertises “sapphire glass” that protects the rear camera. However, it is a strange formulation — it can be assumed that the material or sapphire, or glass. Sapphire is harder than glass, is scratched only at the level of 9 on the Mohs scale, whereas the type of glass used in the smartphone, shows scratches at level 6 and shows a more deep cuts at 7.

It probably means that Xiaomi is the most simple glass type. However, Apple essentially uses the same material, which she also calls “sapphire”, despite the fact that he doesn’t have the most important features that distinguish it from the glass, scratch-resistance.

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