A very unusual situation.

With the price of the popular fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (the most detailed review) something strange going on. Our study showed that the gadget fell in Russia, but was sold much more expensive in China. The difference between the value of the Mi Band 3 in Russia and China comes to 500 rubles.

Who is to blame? It seems that the dealers

The price of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in Russian stores reached 1 700 rubles. Of course, we are not talking about large networks — they ask for the bracelet to 3 000. The cost of the bracelet gradually fell into different online stores, including large enough.

At the same time, a Chinese online stores the situation is different. Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on AliExpress and GearBest in the best case will be 2 000. However, most sellers model altogether is more expensive than 2 200 rubles.

It is assumed that the stocks of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in the Chinese online stores temporarily come to an end. And considering the prices it is not excluded that to blame our dealers.

Another reason is the imminent release of the Mi Band 3 with NFC

Another likely reason why Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is more expensive is an early release of a version of the bracelet with the NFC module. It will allow users Mi Band 3 to pay for your purchases in a contactless manner, simply attach the gadget to the NFC terminal.

The output is Xiaomi Mi Band 3 with NFC expected in September-October of 2018.

Source: Apple-iPhone.ru.


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