A very “tasty” price! It is possible to take!

In June, soon after its release, the fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3 started to sell at a highly inflated price. The gadget is sold, and very successfully, at a price of 2 400 to 3 000. Gradually, however, the price of Mi Band 3 is reduced, and today they are down to a minimum, but only for one day.

Official reseller on AliExpress Xiaomi technology made a big discount on the Mi Band 3. The bracelet fell to 1 541 ruble — first as cheap to buy a gadget was not in any of Chinese online stores. Note that the seller tested the maximum number of orders Mi Band 3 he is over 14 thousand pieces.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will not be much cheaper than that price. Even when Xiaomi will release a version of the bracelet with NFC, the cost of the device will stay above 1 500 rubles. At this point sales of the previous wristband Mi Band that almost never drop sharply in price.

With a detailed and honest review of Xiaomi Mi Band 3, in which we considered all the pros and cons, you can find by clicking on this link.


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