The price band has fallen dramatically.

Company Xiaomi started selling its fitness bracelet new generation Mi Band 3 in early June. The hype in relation to new items was so great that you can purchase the device at a recommended price was simply impossible. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sold with a huge mark-up that still does not bother fans. Fortunately, the main demand for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has passed and now buy a gadget at a much reduced price.

Official Xiaomi Resellers on AliExpress gradually dropping the price of the Mi Band 3. In the second half of July to buy the device became possible for only 1 789 rubles. It is on the whole 1 000 rubles cheaper than the initial cost of the gadget.

It is noteworthy that the stores reduce the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in different ways. Many sellers are still trying to sell a fitness bracelet more 2 000, using the fact that buyers cannot find better deals.

It is also interesting that the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 reached the level of the previous generation. As is clear now, many experts were wrong, predicting a slow decline in the prices of the new Xiaomi. It is expected that the next major price drop Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will happen in September, when will be released version of the bracelet NFC-enabled to conduct contactless payments.



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