Xiaomi company posted on the Google Play “easy” and fast browser Mint focused on weak smartphones with low memory. The new app is only 11 megabytes (for comparison, Microsoft Edge for Android requires 76 MB of free space), and it requires Android version 4.4 and above.

On the homepage, at the top, Mint shows a Google search bar and shortcuts with quick access to Google services, the official website of Xiaomi (Mi.com) and others. At the bottom is the icon with a microphone that allows you to type a search query voice.

If desired, Mint allows you to present yourself in a different browser or device — for example, to display the desktop version of the site for either iPhone or iPad. You can save Internet traffic, disable the download of images.

If you open the menu-Burger and click on the icon with the image of the moon, turn on “dark mode” (Dark Mode) for comfortable web browsing at night. Also private browsing (Incognito) and read (Reading).

∎The new Firefox added recommendations and improved tab management see also

Xiaomi sells a lot of entry-level devices, and the new program is primarily intended for them. According to IDC for III-rd quarter, the Chinese ranked the 4th largest smartphone vendor: firm shipped to 34.3 million units (21.2% more than in the same period last year). Xiaomi is behind Apple, but ahead of the Oppo.

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