The Chinese are actively working on their “IOS”.

The Chinese company Xiaomi announced the next version of the add-in MIUI. Presentation MIUI 11 held at the event Core MIUI Experience managing a team of developers Xiaomi Liu Ming. According to a senior employee of the company, MIUI 11 will be a “new and unique operating system.”

Unlike previous versions of IOS, MIUI 11 will receive an updated design and will also be more “friendly” to the common user. Of course, the representative of Xiaomi did not mention any specific changes in MIUI 11. However, it can be assumed that the most important improvements MIUI 11 will be based on artificial intelligence technology.

A Xiaomi representative said that the first phase of the development of MIUI 11 was completed successfully. Now the company’s engineers will test the MIUI 11 at the maximum number of devices to work on stable and optimized firmware.

It is assumed that MIUI 11 will be available on the following devices:

  • Mi 8 Lite / SE Mi 8 / Mi 8 / Mi 8 Explorer Edition;
  • Mi 6 / 6X Mi / Mi 5s / 5s Plus Mi / Mi-5 and Mi Note 2;
  • MIX Mi / Mi MIX 2 / MIX Mi 2S / Mi 3 MIX;
  • 2 Mi Max / Mi Max 3;
  • 7 Redmi Note / Redmi Note Pro 7;
  • Redmi 6A / 6 Redmi / Redmi 6 Pro;
  • Redmi 5A / 5 Redmi / Redmi 5 Plus;
  • 5A Redmi Note / Redmi Note 5 / Redmi Note 4X (Qualcomm);
  • 4A Redmi / Redmi 4 / 4X Redmi / Redmi S2;

Preview software add-in MIUI 11 should be out in a few months. Most likely, by analogy with MIUI 10, an updated firmware will be out in June 2019. The exact date of the release of the final version of MIUI 11 is still unknown.

Source: MyDrivers


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