The company is actively testing the Xiaomi smart wristband Mi Band 4, which will be released this fall. Along the way, he is a traditional certification, and the first permit received from the Bluetooth SIG.

Reportedly, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 are 5 modules Bluetooth and even NFC for contactless payment, plus he will learn to take an electrocardiogram, so don’t have to overpay for the Apple Watch Series 4, which also has the function. According to rumors, the Mi Band 4 is placed and a screen larger diagonal, and perhaps even fully colored, but all this is still to be confirmed.

Most likely, the display will retain the monochrome, because the main feature of all Mi Band is a radically low price against the competitors, and it is unlikely Xiaomi will want to lose this advantage. By the way, according to some, to wait for the Mi Band 4 until the fall do not have the bracelet can be released in may of this year that will allow Saami grab the summer, when all sports, not only in the stuffy halls, but also in the fresh air.

About the cost of the new Mi Band 4 information yet, but probably will not exceed $ 35 at the start of sales. Again, the first three generations of the gadget will drop, and the legendary Mi Band 2 can be taken with a big discount.

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