Xiaomi since its activities are accused of stealing ideas from Apple: iOS was the Chinese made a copy of it and it’s called MIUI; been iPhone 5/5s, the Chinese released their response, calling it the Xiaomi Mi4, was Mimoji, Chinese and there is not left behind, making his variation and calling it Memoji. Or is it not?

Xiaomi considers that it is not. And all those who write back, accusing the company of another copying and stealing, waiting for the summons from the Chinese giant. At least this was stated by the representative of the company. So, the official statement from Xiaomi said the following:

We (here and below we are talking on behalf of the company Xiaomi — approx. edition) has conducted internal studies and came to the conclusion that our characters Mimoji are not plagiarism by any of our competitors, including Apple.

The word “Mimoji” we started to use before the others, and then added elements specifically designed for the Eastern type person. We now have 165 variants that can be combined in hundreds of millions Mimoji. As far as we know, Apple’s Memoji no automatic generation of new individuals, which means that our products have fundamental differences.

We want to offer accusing us of plagiarism the Weibo user to participate in the internal investigation.

Moreover, we want to restore its reputation, undermined by the malicious spread of rumors that Mimoji copy characters Memoji from Apple. If we catch plagiarism, the user will prove our guilt, we will be ready to apologize. Otherwise, we will take all available legal actions

Most likely, Xiaomi is somehow too close to my heart this time took another talk about copying. In this respect, our time is very hard to find a company that produces a completely unique product, it is not like the others.

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