Xiaomi has released the most powerful smartphone three times cheaper than the iPhone. The Chinese company is positioning the new model Black Shark 2 Pro as a gaming. She OCTA-core processor from Qualcomm with a system of liquid cooling, 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of internal. Although the battery is weak, it has a quick charge function, the company said.

But users are unlikely to be able to enjoy the benefits of the new gadget from Xiaomi, because at the moment, mobile devices are practically no gaming applications that would need such power, the blogger said Valentin Petukhov, founder of the YouTube channel Wyslacom.

Valentin Petukhov, blogger, founder of YouTube channel Wylsacom “The saddest thing is that an isolated case in the form of a smartphone Xiaomi or any other will not be able to give developers the ability to use this power because still focus on the market and on the mean value because it is not profitable to develop a powerful game or some interesting graphics for the same device, even if it is popular in the market. Apple iPhone presentation last time you compared your device with XBOX One’s, this is quite a powerful device, which is now available on the market. Despite the fact that Apple iPhone sells millions of copies, even for this platform no games that would be able to level and the gameplay and graphics to match what’s happening on the stationary consoles.”

The expert added that most of the Xiaomi revenue derived from the sale of television sets and small gadgets. Big bet on smartphones, the company never did and used them for brand development. This allowed to make a new phone for fairly cheap: in Russia it will cost 32 thousand rubles.

But the smartphone market is now developed so that new models are almost the same, and to impress the buyer harder, says head of HiTech Mail.ru Dmitry Ryabinin.

Dmitry Ryabinin, head of the HiTech Mail.ru “We are changing the way appliances are broken when old. Less attention is paid to some new “chips”, because they are simply impossible to imagine. In this reality the manufacturers to continue to earn, you have to have narrow niches and in these narrow niches to experiment. Actually, therefore, appeared gaming smartphone, there is nothing at all surprising. Gaming laptops are the only niche in computers, which very feels good and really is very much in demand. Gaming is becoming one of the major topics of industry development, but smartphones are not laptops, and, in my opinion, completely to transfer the experience of promoting marketing and sales from computers to smartphones is not quite right. The fact that the big difference in screen diagonal and, moreover, not quite enough manipulators control. Roughly speaking, the play is not so comfortable, not so comfortable with based on physical characteristics of devices. Manufacturers are now trying to solve this problem by using flexible screens, because, in fact, you get a device with the size of the tablet in the factor of a smartphone”.

The main developer of gaming smartphones Asus is traditionally considered. She recently released a new ROG Phone II with almost the same characteristics, but at twice the price. So the emergence of a competitor from Xiaomi could hit the sales of the company.

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