The President of Xiaomi Lin Bin (Lin Bin) demonstrated superior biometric technology. The video, posted to social network Weibo, shows a larger area of the fingerprint scanner which is located under the screen of the smartphone.

The user sets up the protection with one touch, after which he will be able to unlock the device by touching a certain part of the display. Its area is 50 mm x 25 mm, which, according to Bina, more than five times larger than the standard area available on the market, and more than 15 times — the classic Xiaomi scanner on the back panel of Xiaomi.

Technology the company strives to be not only larger in size — the developers also intend to increase the speed of the scanner. As noted by the President of Xiaomi, if the idea will resonate with fans of the production, then it may appear in future devices

Earlier reported that Apple plans to release a new iPod Touch nearly four years after the release of the previous model. What changes are waiting for the device remains unknown.

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