Bad news.

The Chinese company Xiaomi can take unpopular measures, increasing the cost of their flagship smartphones. The increase in price necessary to ensure that Xiaomi could release even more innovative devices without being tied to a rigid scope. This was stated by the head of the company lei Jun in an interview with TechNode.

According to the head of Xiaomi, the company wants to cease to be associated in the eyes of customers as a manufacturer of cheap electronics. That’s why Xiaomi Mi 9 will be the last flagship cost less than 3000 yuan ($445 or approximately 29 500 rubles at the current exchange rate).

In the future for top-end smartphones Xiaomi will have to pay more. However, as said lei Jun, the increase in the cost of the flagship smartphone Xiaomi will be negligible. The growth rates needed to Xiaomi could release even more innovative smartphones.

It should be noted that the presented 20 Feb Xiaomi Mi 9 boasts powerful hardware at a very modest price. Xiaomi Mi 9 offers top technology at a cost of the apparatus is two times less than competitors.

Source: TechNode


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