Xiaomi is now a game designer.

Xiaomi company decided to try their hand at creating mobile games. Moreover, the heads of Xiaomi I would like to create a hit. According to the announcement, the company Xiaomi game called Survival Game will be similar to the popular game in the genre “battle Royal” PUBG and Fortnite.

At the moment about the game Survival Game from Xiaomi, little is known. Company representatives said only that dozens of players will fight against each other on one map. As in other games in the genre “battle Royal”, the winner of each game session will only become the last surviving player.

Also, Xiaomi said that the Survival Game would not be a clone of PUBG and Fortnite. Xiaomi developers will make the game much more diverse. It is reported that in a Survival Game, players can even control space ships.

On the timing of release Survival Game there is no information. In Xiaomi, said that in the near future, the company will offer users to participate in beta testing of the game (to apply for participation on the Xiaomi website). In addition, the company noted that the game will be available not only for mobile devices Xiaomi. On the exit of a Survival Game for iPhone and iPad was not stated.

Source: Xiaomi.


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