In anticipation of today’s presentation, in which Apple should show quite a lot of innovations in the network appeared new information regarding iPhone Plus XS (Max). According to sources, a 6.5-inch Apple smartphone can become not only the biggest but also the most difficult unit of the company.

An unnamed source, 9to5mac reported that the iPhone XS Plus will weigh more than 200 grams, and if more precisely – 208 grams. It is 6 grams more than the current “champion”. At the moment the title of the most severe Apple smartphone owned iPhone 8 Plus.

It is assumed that in their overall size and internal components of the iPhone XS Plus will not differ much from the 5.5-inch “eight”. The additional weight of the apparatus will acquire through the use of a framework of stainless steel.

Sources 9to5mac also told about other features of the iPhone XS Plus. According to reports, the new 6.5-inch Apple smartphone will be asymmetrical. This refers to the number of holes in the bottom of the device. In particular, one side of the Lightning port will house four holes, and on the other seven.


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