“Yandex” together with Sberbank plans to sell Chinese phones brands Cubot, Leagoo and Lenovo, which is now officially to Russia are not delivered.

Sale shockproof and waterproof smartphone is expected to begin in October. Experts believe that in Russia while the demand for such models is small, but may grow in the near future.

Agreement “Yandex.Market” Chinese manufacturers of electronic gadgets was announced by the publishing house Kommersant, silai to the statement by the Director for international development of the company Alex Vasiliev. This was also confirmed by partners – CEO Cubot Richard Meng and brand Director Leagoo Morris Mao.

“In fact,”Yandex.Market”, will become our sales agent in Russia,” — said Meng.

The model will be sold exclusively on the site “Yandex.Market”, who plans to earn commissions. In the market of electronic Commerce, in particular cross-border platforms, the Commission is usually between 5 to 10% without taking into account the logistics costs.

Cooperation Yandex and Sberbank began two years ago when they announced the creation of a joint venture on the basis of “Yandex.Market” in August 2017.


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