As reported in careregular the service “Yandex.Drive” appeared 12 cars of the Porsche brand. They are only available to experienced drivers aged 26 years.

Of these, ten models – the Macan, and two 911 Carrera 4s. The cost of renting the Macan is 20 rubles per minute in motion and 7.2 of the ruble in the standby mode. Carter’s 4s will cost 60 rubles per minute in motion and 20 rubles per minute.

As new cars are in the category of business class, “Yandex.Drive” places special demands on drivers. Anyone wishing to rent a Porsche should be older than 26 years and have six years of driving experience.

In addition, representatives of car-share said they have a special algorithm that weighs many factors and makes a conclusion about the adequacy of the person. It is he who decides to give access to the machine or not.

The Management Of “Yandex.Drive” plans to increase the number of cars. According to representatives of car-sharing, service will be more than 500 cars Mercedes E-class and BMW five series. The cost of their rent will start at ten rubles per minute.


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