Quite a long time in terms of sold advertising in Russia was the leader of “Gazprom-media”, but last year everything changed. Then “Yandex” has earned on the ads of almost one billion rubles more – according to “Vedomosti”.

Recently the two largest companies of Russia has published the data last year. According to them, the income of “Gazprom-media” advertising in 2017 amounted to 57.3 billion rubles, and the profit of “Yandex” is 58.2 billion.

But, as assured the representatives of “Gazprom-media”, these two holding companies were not in competition. They each have their own markets: the “Gazprom” for the most part TV and offline, and the “Yandex” – the Internet.

This became the reason for such difference in income. Along with the development of Internet in Russia is increasing number of interested in online advertising corporations.

Therefore, firms that sell offline ads, experiencing not the best period, their incomes have declined ten percent in 2017. The same problems experienced by the broadcaster – they have for several years did not grow profits and audience.


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