Pleasant share of “Yandex”!

“Yandex” has launched a new promotion that allows you to get three-month subscription to the service “Yandex.Plus the” absolutely free of charge. To subscribe to “Yandex.Plus” users receive a range of discounts, and also able to use music streaming service “Yandex.Music”. In this article talked about how to activate free subscription.

In order to get a free three-month subscription to “Yandex.Plus,” and with it “Yandex.Music”, just go to the activation gift codes. It must specify the promotion code KOGUT, pre-logging into the account “Yandex”.

To activate the code, the service will request a credit card, but your account will not be debited. Moreover, immediately after the activation of the free subscription to “Yandex.Plus” and “Yandex.Music” banking card will be able to get rid of the account for three months with her not to write off the money for the subscription.

In order to unlink a Bank card from the account you want to switch to the account profile and choose the section “Bank cards”. It will be located in all attached cards to your account with the ability to decouple.

It is important to note that the code for “Yandex.Plus” and “Yandex.Music” works only if you have not activated the paid subscription for the services.


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