Company that everything was done correctly.

Representatives of “Yandex” commented on the possibility of the introduction of PE of Russian apps on all sold in Russia smartphones, tablets and computers. In a press-service of the company said that project developers should carefully consider this opportunity as a result of commercial agreements and security devices with local applications to users.

In “Yandex” pointed to the need to approach the development of amendments very carefully. They need to make so that all existing commercial agreements with device manufacturers has been saved. This will be quite problematic, as Apple, Intel and Microsoft oppose initiatives of Russian officials. Besides, it is necessary to pay due attention to security and to do so because Russian applications are not affected user experience, according to the “Yandex”.

On the instruction of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to April 2019 in Russia will be prepared a bill requiring PE domestic software products on smartphones and computers. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has already completed the creation of the concept, which includes advanced devices, browsers, instant messenger, anti-virus software and map service.

The FAS developed the concept of supported MTS, “MegaFon”, “Kaspersky Lab” and the “RUSSOFT”, and Apple, Intel and Microsoft, by contrast, reacted negatively to the impending innovation.

Source: RIA.


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