In search system “Yandex” was seen a strange bug — when prompted to “Petro Poroshenko”, the system reported that the Ukrainian President passed away Tuesday, December 11 at the age of 53 years. After the penalty, drew attention in the media and social networks, the erroneous information was removed.

Blame Wikipedia

Dec 14, social media users noticed a bug in search results “Yandex” — if you type in the search word “Petro Poroshenko”, the system says that the Ukrainian President had died. The date of death of the policy called Tuesday, 11 December 2018.

As it turned out, Poroshenko is alive and well, and the algorithm of Yandex mistake. After a series of publications in mass media information about the death of Poroshenko quickly disappeared from the SERPs.

As it turned out, the reason the fake has become edited article about the Ukrainian leader in “Wikipedia” — as you know, materials the free encyclopedia anyone can edit.

“Data to build the object cards answer in search of “Yandex” taken from public sources. In this case the error has occurred because of changes on the website of the English Wikipedia. Once the error was discovered, in Search of updated data. At this moment, neither in Wikipedia nor in the reply card there is nothing about the dates of death,” — said the correspondent of “Газеты.Ru” in a press-service “Yandex”.


Disappeared from radar

In August 2017 the “Yandex” had another strange glitch in the system “Yandex. Cards” suddenly disappeared, the island of Sakhalin.

It was reported that Sakhalin was displayed on the map at the maximum distance (3,000 km), was lost with a small increase (1000, 600 and 200 km) and then again at the scene of a further approximation.

As told “Газете.Ru” in a press-service of the company, cause the “loss” of the entire island was a technical failure.

“Yandex. Map” are updated almost every day: there are new roads, houses, parks and many other facilities. All these updates every month there is more than one million”, — said representatives of “Yandex”, adding that these lapses in service are rare.

Not a very smart assistant

Fake news about the death of celebrities happen with surprising regularity. For example, in 2017, the Siri voice assistant built into the iPhone, talked about the death of popular actor John Travolta, who allegedly died in 2009.

As it turned out, the error for which the system is “buried” Travolta caused by improper interpretation of the program news reports about the death of actor’s son Jeff, who died January 3, 2009.

As Siri also takes the information from open sources, users usually is not difficult to fool an artificial intelligence, giving it false information as the truth. Informed intelligent assistant from Apple for an undetermined time were given a song by Puerto Rican musician Luis Fonsi conquering such markets “Despacito” for the national anthem of Bulgaria.

The reason the substitution is not found so far — neither in Wikipedia nor in Google not found any connection between Bulgaria and “Despacito”.

American idiot

This year because of an error in the algorithms was noticed another strange pattern — when prompted to “idiot” [eng. “idiot”] search engine Google showed a number of photos of the current President of the United States Donald trump. At the moment the number of pictures of the American leader, on the request dropped, but they are still present in the results.

This failure is to blame the users themselves — some activists conducted a coordinated attack and published a huge number of posts and news containing the words “idiot” and “tramp”. Many foreign media published the story, which in the network there are even more pages on which the words “idiot” and “tramp” are dangerously close.

Such a campaign on the Internet called “Google-bombing”, or “Google bombing”. The company itself admits that sometimes the search engine in its results shows irrelevant results, but techcompany to promote one or another “bomb” has nothing to do.

Previously from “search engine bombs” and other suffering in world politics, for example, Tony Blair, which Google called a “liar”, or George Bush, Jr., whose photographs were shown to the query “miserable failure” [eng. “pathetic loser”].

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