The company “Yandex” has developed a method of determining the incomes of users of their services. Corporation registered the relevant patent, according to news Agency “Khabarovsk Krai today” with reference to “Izvestia”. The patent was “Yandex”, received the name “System and method of determining the income of the user of the mobile device.” The application of the Corporation received in April 2017, but registered by Rospatent invention was only this year. As follows from the description, the income expected to identify the profession of the user. This can be done by analyzing GPS data, ambient noise and “if someone learns” what third-party apps for work is on smartphone (web services construction management, services delivery, web services, watering and so on). For example, the Builder will generate constant noise — in the patent is given as an example of the demolition, carpentry and welding. The document also includes the profession of taxi driver, courier, waiter, and painter.

The technique may not always accurately determine the profession of the user, says the rector of Academy of labor and social relations Alexander Safonov. For example, data from sensors devices nurses and the physician are about the same. Then, even the exact definition of a profession does not provide information about income, said Alexander Safonov.

The patent was issued on a specific business idea, which came up with worked for the Corporation at the time of filing, Leonid shnyr — he is listed among the authors of the invention.

— This idea may never be realized, but it has a lot of potential, so decided to patent. The question is not that the described approach is better used in working with data. It is important that it opens new opportunities. Sure, if “Yandex” will use this patent (or already uses), everything will be implemented in the framework of the law, — said Leonid shnyr.

Collecting materials through a microphone, routes, information about the application is required to obtain the consent of the user, said the Deputy Director of the coordination center of national Internet domain Sergey Kopylov. It can be expressed with a tick, which application I propose to put before the work beginning as a sign of acceptance of the rules of use of the service, he said. More than 90% of people do not read the documents, considering it too tedious, noticed Sergey Kopylov. He suggested that, even not using the system “Yandex” can it earn, upon presentation of judicial claims to other corporations that if they want to collect the same data.

In the “privacy Policy” of the Corporation indicated that it can not only independently use personal information and transmit it to advertisers and other partners.

To protect from eavesdropping and other methods of surveillance of the users allow the gadgets, said the head of the Department of development Bitware Dmitry Murzinov. For example, Apple allows you to deny apps access to geologize, microphone, camera, and so on or allow it only when you use the services. Similar mechanisms have Android smartphones.

The behavior of owners of gadgets watching many corporations, said Director of the Association of professional users of social networks and instant messengers Vladimir Zykov. For example, many have noticed that, if you talk close to with a smartphone of any goods, Facebook is beginning to appear it is. The us Congress even asked the founder of the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, listening to the app users, but the businessman has denied this information. In the collection of data through a microphone or availability has previously accused Google and Apple, recalled Vladimir Zykov. Experts do not exclude that the information collected may be interested in special services.

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