Unmanned taxi to work in SKOLKOVO.

The company “Yandex” announced the launch of an unmanned taxi that the user of the service “Yandex.Taxi” will be able to order directly from the mobile app. The first unmanned taxi launched on the territory of SKOLKOVO innovation center. The possibility to order a taxi the UAV will like the SKOLKOVO employees, and those who simply visits the innovation.

In order to call the unmanned taxi users “Yandex.Taxi” do not need to specify any additional parameters in the application. If you are located in SKOLKOVO, the app will identify it and prompt to reach the desired point on the unmanned taxi. It is noteworthy that the price of the trip does not differ from the usual fare.

To use the unmanned taxi users will need to accept the agreement to participate in testing. Such necessity is caused by the fact that at the moment an unmanned taxi are under active development. In addition, a taxi ride-the drone obtained only from persons over 18 years.

“Yandex” strong pace develops unmanned vehicles. The company has previously conducted several successful tests of the Autonomous car in Moscow, including in the winter. One of the most outstanding achievements of “Yandex” is a self-unmanned taxi trip from Moscow to Kazan, which occurred in June 2018.

Source: Yandex.


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