Bought a car and did drone on the spot.

“Yandex” has started testing its own unmanned vehicle, said company spokesman Melissa McDonald. Testing is held in Las Vegas, where the opportunity for everyone to one free ride in a driverless car, accompanied by a specialist of “Yandex”.

In “Yandex” told me that the car for testing was acquired by the company in the United States. After he installed the sensors and systems required for unmanned movement. A total of car preparation and setup of the software for it was done within a month.

Anyone can ride in a driverless car “Yandex” completely free once. The journey is accompanied by a specialist company — this is required for security. January 8, in Las Vegas started the consumer electronics show CES 2019, so it is expected that those wishing to ride on an unusual car will be set.

In Russia “Yandex” also are testing driverless cars. It is known that the company launched two self-driving cars in the test mode in SKOLKOVO and the city-Innopolis University.

Source: TASS.


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