“Yandex” plans to provide hardware control “smart home”, write “Vedomosti” with reference to sources in the company. New product the Russian search engine will be presented before the end of this year and in its properties will differ significantly from “Yandex.The station”.

“Smart house” from “Yandex”

That a future control system devices in the “smart house” is no ordinary app, and a full hardware product, according to data of the Unified register of notifications, where he was seen product. There had previously lit up the mysterious “Yandex.Phone” and “Yandex.Station.”


According to interlocutors of “Vedomosti”, the new product will be called “Yandex.Module”, in terms of functionality resembling Google Home. Unlike “Yandex.Station”, the novelty will act solely as a hub for “smart” devices, without claiming the title of the media player.

What happened to “Yandex.Station”?

Industry experts believe that the need for “Yandex.Module” market due to lack of appropriate features in the “Yandex.The station”. Column was created in a hurry, but because the developers simply did not have time to equip her with the tools to manage “smart” home.


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