“Yandex” and Microsoft are in talks about preinstalling the app “Yandex.Music” in Windows 10. Source RobotReview reported that the probability of reaching a positive decision are high.

Microsoft has a player Groove Music. Previously, the company sold music. But from 31 December 2018, the service will cease to exist. Foreign users are invited to transfer music on Spotify. To do this, Microsoft and Spotify have signed a special agreement.

A similar agreement can be signed with “by Yandex”, said a source RobotReview. If this happens, the application “Yandex.Music” will be the default player in Windows 10 for Russian users.

“Yandex” and Microsoft have been cooperating. From 2015 year Yandex is the default search engine in Microsoft Edge for users from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. In Windows 10’s Yandex is the only search but not modify.


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