“Яндflix” on the way.

“Yandex” begins production of its own original TV shows, announced checked the sources of “Vedomosti”. In 2019 “Yandex” plans to produce up to 10 series, the show which will start at the beginning of 2020. After “Yandex” will assess the success of the launched projects and decide whether to continue the series on a permanent basis.

Representatives of “Yandex” confirmed that “Yandex.The Studio is” in talks with film companies about the production of TV shows, movies, and TV shows in various genres. Official details of the company not yet disclosed, but sources has learned that at least two projects achieved final agreement.

We are talking about the TV series “Ministry” of corruption among officials that is created by broadcaster Alexander Tsekalo “Environment” and the detective series “Swirl” produced by Mars Media. On other projects “Yandex” still in active talks.

According to experts, in the future, “Yandex” can launch its own streaming TV service. On it, users will be able to watch the content created by the company “Yandex” and many other films, series and TV shows.

Source: Statements.


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