Column has become easier to buy.

“Yandex” has agreed with the joint company “Coherent | Euronetwork” about the sale of “smart” speakers “Yandex.Station” in the stores. “Yandex.Station” has already become available to buy in shops “Coherent” and “Euroset” for a suggested price of 9990 rubles. Despite the lack of discount that shops proposed acquisition of columns with special conditions.

Within a few months, “Yandex.Station” sold exclusively at the online store of “Yandex” on the marketplace “Take”. From February 28, 2019 to acquire a column with a voice assistant “Alice” was possible in “the Messenger” and “Euroset“.

Price “Yandex.The station” has not changed compared to the original — it is 9990 rubles. However, in the Internet-shop “Coherent” available for purchase “Yandex.Station” in installments without overpayment. A similar option for “smart” column with the “Yandex” has not previously been distributed.

“Yandex.Station” is a smart column, which is based on voice assistant “Alice”. “Yandex.Station” can play music, movies and TV shows (column connects to the TV via HDMI), to bring the latest news, find information on the Internet, set reminders, and perform many other tasks.


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