In December 2017 strategic Director of Progression Yaroslav Prokofiev made a forecast for 2018. A year later, the strategy team of the Agency returned to the material, to look at the main trends in the dynamics. Voice technology has changed the bitcoin Forecast for 2018: “the Blockchain and cryptocurrency — one of the most discussed topics, and next year we will see more and more brands will try to use these technologies to promote them and come up with new mechanics” Blockchain did not become a breakthrough tool in marketing. He still believe digital enthusiasts, however, the hype around this topic left. The interest in bitcoin also dropped — together with depreciation. However, the change of bitcoin and the blockchain so far nothing has arrived — innovations happen point, far from the consumer areas and, as a rule, they are very expensive. However, the growing market of voice technologies. Cannes-2018 showed that communication by voice is one of the most promising trends. Yandex has launched its own smart column, but yet the most popular searches for Alice — weather and music. Maybe next year, Russian brands will actively integrate into voice assistants — especially since everybody knows the successful example of Burger King and Google Assistant. One of our other TV is Alice already set the alarm for 7 am, so started! Environment and inclusiveness Forecast for 2018: “the Brands will be more and more like journalists. They will try to avoid value judgments in their communications. However, to create a resonant information field, they will have to raise critical questions. Social and gender issues will be needed”. The trend continues to evolve. Brands who understand what they are willing to stand up, it is easier to find a point of emotional contact with the audience and to attract organic interest to their actions. A good example is the campaign Nike SWOOSH AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE EQUALITY VOTE. In Australia, the vote was held on the topic of gay marriage, and Nike has launched a campaign to support the LGBT community. In Russia, such an undertaking is hardly possible, however, there are other, equally important topics. For example, in our multinational country you can use local languages and dialects in advertising. Remains open and the theme is inclusiveness, so brands should think, for example, about the adaptation of products for the visually impaired and hard of hearing people. In 2019-2020 will gain momentum environmental issues. This problem is acute, the authorities do not get to ignore the protests of residents. The brands also have the opportunity to really change the situation, to draw attention to their initiatives. Large producers can, for example, to create a plastic recycling or open ecological production for entire portfolios of brands. The easiest way is to conduct educational programs to support the separate collection of waste. AR — breakthrough or not? The forecast for 2018: “Augmented reality in 2018, the year is seriously “off”. More and more brands are ready to launch a digital-centric campaign”. In 2017 AR called wow-effect. It was interesting just to see how a new technology (here we can recall the case of Magenta and Gorillaz). In 2018, the company began to make the focus not so much on technology as on communication. Have a question: what AR can give a person, whether it is able to simplify or improve your life?.. In the future, companies should remember that augmented reality is still a communications platform, not a small short-term activation. However, brands are actively using AR in different categories — real estate, heavy industry, education, medicine. Among the discussed projects — A/R Lens Jordan Snapchat, Game of Thrones: Facebook AR Effects, and the emergence of branded masks inside Instagram Stories. Overall, the prospects for AR are directly related to how fast the refresh Park of devices. Both Google and Apple have already launched a new AR-whales and the device has two cameras, which allow to feel the depth of space. Looking for Z generation Forecast to 2018 “In Europe and America is clearly discernible trend to support the elderly in Russia, however, the pendulum has swung the other way: there is more interactions with teenage subcultures. Integration in music videos you will meet more”. Even those who had not looked towards a young audience, start to do it. For example, “Stoloto” is already noted on the territory of eSports (integration in the Epicenter — the CS:GO tournament). According to the forecast of Goskomstat, young buyers in absolute terms will be less. These guys live like in a more wealthy world, and they tend a lot to try and to buy. But unlike the self-centered Millennials, the younger generation interesting topics of social progress, environment, inclusion, safety. As for the integrations in music videos, in 2018, this topic really took off. Many FMCG brands have made music videos with the stars — Borjomi and Manizha, Lay’s and Blackstar during the world Cup, Aliexpress and Timothy, Sprite, and Bread. Interesting fact: the focus of many companies is shifting from big celebrities on more point, niche thought leaders. And another appeared at the end of the year trend. All sorts of people, sometimes warring parties unite for a common problem — the prohibition of freedom of speech. Oxxxymiron, Basta, Noize MC and organized a concert in support of the arrested rapper Husky. As in the 1960-ies, the music again is not just a part of life, and a way to influence society. Patriotism changes the focus of the Forecast for 2018: “We are facing a year of football, however, before the presidential election, I expect a splash of the local activities associated with patriotism. To fall under the sanctions may popular messenger Telegram, and well-known bloggers”. Despite the actions of Roskomnadzor, Telegram meets 2019 with the increased audience and is reminiscent of a cozy LJ 2000s. Cool content, interesting authors — at the site has his own style, and it attracts more and more people. We see that many active people are leaving the messengers and prefer areas where they can get different opinions. This noticeable the fragmentation of youth communities, new subcultures, people like to be different. With regard to social networking in General, then they seek to become full-fledged platforms with an internal ecosystem for example the Asian WeChat. Already running the internal payment system in VK and Instagram offers formats showcase and direct sales of goods (Shopping Instagram tags). The theme of patriotism is also transformered. If earlier reason for national pride was the past, now society is trying to find something new in the future or at least in the present. Local patriotism, farm products, support craft Breweries beer brands and local designers — is an attempt to comply with such request. The trend is obvious concern about their country, about its nature, environment, values, people, and society. The head often appears a sensible idea: “I Want to change the environment, start with yourself”. Therefore, brands worth talking about the social sphere, to help, to motivate, to encourage people to engage in volunteering and socially responsible work. That will still be relevant in 2019: ● Security in all its senses — privacy on the Internet, the safety of personal data, including biometric. ● Freedom of speech and expression. Despite the fact that users do not like the impunity in the Internet and aggressive reactions of other users, people are still important to Express your opinion openly and not be afraid to say what they think. ● Short, “instant” formats on social networks (fast content Stories), which allow users to “mirror” your life. * The use of already known technologies in a new way. For example, as did the Budweiser campaign TagWords.

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