Another Yekaterinburg musician mentors “Songs” on TNT Timati and Basta missed the second stage of the show. This Maxim Yudin, acting under the pseudonym NARCISS.

Maxim 29, the day he is in the theater, and at night playing in clubs of Yekaterinburg.

— Original music began to study about 5 years ago, — said Maxim. — I went to the village with ukulele, something was playing in the garden. And so were born the songs. Now I’m doing some English-language projects. In 2017, my album was in the editorial selection of Apple Music, and it was a big step for me. I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to write music in Russian.

Especially the audience remembered the dance of the Maxim during a speech. It was stressed by the leader of the creative Association Gazgolder

— You were unusual. Pleased with the room, and we surprised from the beginning to the end followed you — said Basta and Maxim skipped the second stage of the show.

And another one from Ekaterinburg, the Novel Slepju the rest of the draft failed to pass. He performed “Flakes fly up” rapper Feduk.

Last season of show of the Ural student Kristina Kosheleva was struck by Maxim Fadeev in the qualifying round, and in the final he signed a contract with her. Summer, Christine, released the video, which climbed to first place in the trends of YouTube.

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