The Soviet era was a time of inventors, explorers, innovators. Now the time has come “effective” managers, thieving bureaucrats and the “genius” of the heirs. Inventors and talented people now often realize their talents in other countries. But left something to remember and something to be proud of former compatriots, and at the same time and regret that breakthrough invention further successfully used in other countries.

Remember a few of the important discoveries of the Soviet era. In 1931, engineer Boris Skvortsov, in collaboration with documentary filmmaker by Svetozarova created a recording machine “Talking paper”. They got into their heads that a sound can be played with ordinary paper tape by the photocell. These records could be replicated in print shops without any loss of quality. It took ten years for bureaucratic delays and early 1941 two plants in Voronezh and Kolomna was released prototypes of radiocommand with the “talking paper”. It should be noted that popular at the time of the record wore out much faster than paper media. And who knows in what direction would be to develop the audio, but the war forced to curtail the project and forget about it completely.

Now we can’t imagine our lives without computers, most of which are harvested in China and in Asia in factories owned by American and European firms. And that’s where Russian goods? Meanwhile, the first personal computer was patented in 1968 a Soviet engineer Arseny Gorokhov— eight years before Apple.

It is believed that the world’s first mobile phone was made in USA in 1973 by Motorola. But, in the USSR, he was tested much earlier — in 1957 a Soviet radio engineer Leonid Kupriyanovich. His phone had a range of 20-30 km. and weighed about three pounds. A year later he reduced the device’s weight up to 500 grams. Foreign phones have reached the same weight only in the early 80s.

It’s time to go to kitchen appliances. Such an indispensable thing as a microwave oven also come from the USSR. She was born in June 1941 in the laboratory of magnetic waves of the all-Union scientific research Institute of meat industry. This setup worked with the use of ultrahigh frequency currents and allows, for example, to prepare the ham in just 15-20 minutes instead of 5-7 hours on the same technology.

But a pioneer in the field of transplantation became a Soviet student of the medical Institute Vladimir Demikhov, who in 1937 was equipped with the heart of a dog a plastic pump run by an electric motor. The first artificial heart worked for two hours. Nine years later he was transferred to the dog at the same time the heart and lung.

Another of the significant achievements of the Soviet Union — the first nuclear power plant by Igor Kurchatov appeared in Obninsk in 1954.

Do not forget the space. Here, the primacy of the USSR in the world was unconditional. This is the first spaceship “Vostok” of Sergei Korolev, and it first artificial Earth satellite, secretivity in earth orbit on 4 October 1957. By the way, USA was able to implement a successful satellite launching only a year and half later from a similar launch in Russia.

Let’s not compare achievements of the USSR and modern Russia. One can say with absolute certainty that the system of innovation in Russia is dramatically degraded and most of what has been developed in the years of Soviet power, were thrown to the wind. Of course, we can speculate that the Soviet person was the idea, values and ideals, patriotism. Now these values are extremely difficult to articulate how ridiculous it is to talk about patriotism, which is often replaced by nationalism. Well, the idea of which, including many of those who aspire to power — to earn as much money as possible. To chop off a piece of the pie, at worst something to buy cheap and sell expensive. What support invention and innovation by the state? Even if the main professions, including teachers and doctors, the attitude of the officials just dismissive. Dmitry Medvedev as President of Russia, who headed the “United Russia, said: “If a Manager came out to talk with people about something agreed, even better, did something, and quickly decided the price just increased a hundred times”. Need it appears to carry out activities with the citizens, you know, and do “something”.

Well, people (those who are not leaders) will be infinitely grateful if you come to them, the authorities and talk. The same Medvedev, being then Prime Minister, advised the teachers complaining about low wages, to go into business. They say that teaching is a calling, “and if you want to earn money, there are lots of wonderful places where you can do it faster and better. The same business”. “The question is, that you choose. Each person in life chooses what is important to him,” — said Medvedev. Here is the whole ideology along with the values. He would answer the same inventor, who may wish to opt for this so important now for the country field? It may be that “there is Simply no money. Find the money, it will be indexed. You hold, I wish you health, good mood”. Where then will leave the inventor with his own ideas?

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