Very good price!

Many users need unlimited Internet for listening music in your favorite streaming services. Specially for such users, mobile operator Yota launched a new service that allows you to listen to music online and not worry about traffic.

A new service Yota has no name, but she appeared in the fare which is available to existing subscribers and those who are planning to connect to the operator. The service will allow subscribers to listen to music from Apple Music, “Yandex.Music” “Google Music”, SoundCloud and Zvooq, without spending the majority of traffic.

The monthly fee for the service on smartphones is 30 rubles per month for residents of the regions and 40 rubles in Moscow. On tablets for the whole of Russia the price of the service equal to 30 rubles.

In the list are available for streaming service, no popular app Boom. In Yota explained that Boom is a social network service “Vkontakte”. In order to listen to music with the help of this service with unlimited traffic, you need to connect a separate service of “Vkontakte”. Fee it is only 20 rubles a month.

Source: Yota.


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