The smartphone is slowly but surely cheaper.

After the sale of new and more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone, price for iPhone X last year’s anniversary was rapidly falling. The cost of the smartphone is reduced everywhere, as from authorized Apple retailers in Russia and in the online stores that sell “gray” iPhone X imported from other countries.

In large shops the reduction in average

Official Resellers of the iPhone in Russia price iPhone X drops reluctantly. The stores know that supplies of iPhone X from Apple will no longer be so eager to sell the remaining stocks of the smartphone at the highest price.

It is most advantageous to buy iPhone X in the “Beeline”. The online store still only made a further reduction in the price of the smartphone. To purchase an iPhone X with 64 GB memory for 68 190 rubles, and with 256 GB memory for the 77 990 rubles. In order to apply the discount, you need to specify a special promotion code. In the case of iPhone X 64 GB — promocode x1800, and in the case of iPhone X 256 GB — promocode x2000.

Note that both smartphones fell over the year by 15% compared to original price.

The price of the “grey” iPhone X fell stronger

But imported in Russia from other countries iPhone X are sold at a much lower price. The model with 64 GB of memory can be purchased for 62 000 rubles — 23% less than the official price. And iPhone X with 256 GB for 68 900 rubles, which is 25% less than the original price tag.

It is important to note that the “grey” iPhone X freely support the Russian operators of cellular communication. This means that problems with the use of such devices will not be exact. It is important to ensure when purchasing that the smartphone truly original.

Yes, the price X iPhone in Russia is still “bite.” However, given that we are talking about a real flagship, which is slightly inferior to the latest iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, buy models and is now quite a great purchase.


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