If you were dealing with creating websites or applications, built sales funnel on the Internet, you have probably heard about Usability Experience. It is a term of the past — now increasingly talk about User Experience or UX (adequate Russian term, so we will use a derived version), but some continue to think that this is just synonyms.

In fact, usability should be considered as a component of the User Experience. Usability, if simplified, is just a convenience of the interface, without taking into account the fact that the user already knows how and what products to use.

User Experience is a much broader concept. It includes successful experience of interaction with the product to a specific audience, given its previous experience.

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For example, we are used to all the keyboard layout from the point of view of convenience and speed of set is not the best, has long has more effective. But imagine as you will be typing on an unfamiliar layout — all your previous experience will hinder. Therefore, from the point of view of UX conventional qwerty keyboard perfect.

UX always covers more: sequence and logic operations on site in accordance with the previous user experience on other websites, office software, operating systems or applications in the phone.

UX on the example of “Sberbank Online”

Sberbank is changing. In recent times you can note the trend of choosing a Bank for the convenience of the mobile app. On the example of “Sberbank Online” is possible to observe how marketers and UX specialists come to a compromise.

Some time ago the app got “Dialogues” — has become convenient to track the transfers to specific people. But then marketers, most likely, decided to add “eye candy” — there are postcards, messages, and functionality has shifted to the messenger.

The problem is that from the perspective of UX, the user used to send money through this app and rarely use it as a messenger.

If previously required one action, now two people were wrong and instead of money to send messages.

Before the advent next to the character string “a long way” to transfer money, needed to do two actions:

click on the”+”

then choose from the drop down menu click “Transfer” and enter the amount.

Then appeared on the “long way” to the left of input fields, and actions become less. Then he added a hints button, a pop-up with the introduction of the digits in the string “the Money or the message…”, field of green, clicking on which you can immediately transfer.

In terms of UX it was necessary to do the opposite. Money transfer is a primary function of the application, and it should be as convenient as possible, comments, and posts — secondary. Maybe a couple of versions of Sberbank will hear us.

Is it possible in principle to manage your customers?

In 95% of cases, companies are forced to adapt to their customers. The user does not want to delve into too complex or obscure structure sites, because the choice of similar services is huge. Our pragmatic brain does not want to strain once again and tries to act according to the templates where possible.

Even a very good design will not save the site if the user is confusing to navigate, difficult to find desired information or to place an order.

The man takes a few seconds to see if he can spend the time to understand how it works on the website, or it is easier to find another.

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The only people who can afford to “be creative” and create new interfaces — the industry leaders and manufacturers of innovative products. They set trends, and their solutions can be in the first phase the extent of the complex.

Over time users adapt to innovations, and this becomes their new experience. At that, giant companies (such as Apple) do not stop working with the UX, and constantly working on improving it, often changing the logic and eliminating the roughness in their products.

We’re with you — small and medium business need to adapt to the needs of their audience.

If you are just planning to launch a new site, first determine what problem it will solve, and fully consider the logic of the site, based on user experience.

If you want to change something on an existing site, then do this also with an eye on the user. Ask yourself the question: “what impact will these changes have on experience my client?”

Very often we hear: “It’s just, look, click here and here…” This phrase means that you have already lost a lot of money, because you’re not there to help customers when they are alone with the site.

For all digital products are subject to the General rule — the more intuitive the interface is, the easier it is for the user to give you money. No need to prevent them.

Website Builder — evil or salvation?

There is no need to hire a technician to create a website. There are many available and proven solutions in the form of various designers who already have a good UI, which is very convenient. However, many people still do not know how to use them.

The designers of sites have their own features, different price and quality, and “sharpened” under various user scenarios.

Sometimes among all this diversity it is difficult to make the right choice without assistance. Therefore, some continue to use outdated services, others seek help in the Agency’s or freelancers.

The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs why not use the scenario approach, don’t want to take the place of the person on the other side of the screen. But the scenario of decision-making different in different regions and industries.

Survival of the fittest

Agree that it is impossible to create a good product without thinking about how comfortable and useful it will be for the user. Therefore, to improve UX must be at least for two reasons.

In order not to lose customers — both potential and existing

Here the main thing — to make so that users did not have any difficulties in ordering, find, discover specials.

To plan the path of the user starting from the main page, by posting, say, information about the delivery or discounts there. Many companies forget that the context, or the search target visitors most likely to be immediately on the secondary page.

Discounts will only be accommodated in a series of banners on the main page and the product groups they are not.

Filter by items can only be in the upper levels of the directory.

Such errors a lot. What’s going on? The visitor simply turns and walks away. Could not place an order on this website? It will draw on the other — will save time and nerves.

Therefore, if you want to buy from you, simplify the process of choosing, ordering and payment of product that the user didn’t have to make unnecessary movements. Provide different scenarios of purchase and finding products.

To have a competitive advantage

The business exists under the law of the jungle: survival of the fittest. Therefore, if your competitors are “pulled” their sites, and you have nothing (impressive discounts, exclusive products or conditions for which the consumer ought to suffer with your interface), then you just lose the struggle for the buyer.

You can remain long-standing customers who are satisfied with everything, — new is always to compare. What is the meaning of “Wade” through the curve interface, if the competition they will be able to get what you want in a single click?

Many leaders think again, and competitors all bad, and their website can not do.

But the user will always compare you not with your competitors sites, and sites of companies from other sectors with whom he already had in the past, that is, to evaluate past experience, for example, with banks and Federal networks. Therefore, one who is one of the first in the industry will start to apply UX approach will have a significant competitive advantage.

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Besides, now the user can easily distinguish the new site from the old. In 10-15 years the development of the Internet consumers had accumulated large Luggage user experience and understanding of trends, though it may be unconscious, and intuitive.

If your site have not upgraded, the user that extra “Wake-up call” that the company are not doing very well. This is especially felt in the segment of B2B and e-commerce.

Is this enough arguments to work on improving the user experience? In my opinion, the answer is obvious.

Your attitude to the consumer

It would seem, do it. In reality, there are barriers that prevent companies closer to consumers. In my experience, there are several basic reasons.

Lack of understanding of the process of choosing and buying — I can find on their website everything you need? Then other people will.

Lack of resources — budget and/or people who would be doing it. Right now here then…

The lack of competence — it is difficult to understand the diversity of technologies which solution will be most effective in a particular case.

Not established internal processes — resistance of employees to innovation — is often necessary to change not only the website, but also, for example, to add answers to the chat questions from the website.

Unwillingness to improve — the money is going, and everything is working fine, why to change something?

I think the last reason plays a key role. This is a global problem of our modern society in General — people do not think about others. Few people truly care about the needs and comfort of others, and business is no exception.

UX methodology can significantly improve the quality of products, but it requires a deep immersion in the needs and habits of consumers. It is for this conduct UX audits, user surveys and various tests.

The UX approach is not so much about specific skills as it is about thinking, which is based on the desire to do better not for myself but for the client.

So if your industry is highly competitive, the information advertising the noise peaked, and traditional marketing does not grow faster, then you need to move to the next stage of business development and begin to change it under client requests on the Internet. UX will help you with this!

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