During yesterday’s presentation, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a could be replaced, that the device received the epithet of YouTube Signature Device. It turns out that the service videos have created their own list of recommended gadgets.

In the YouTube devices got smartphones capable of working with panoramic imagery to maintain a high frame rate to play back 4K video and is compatible with codecs, the latest generation.

Google claims that a dedicated team of service engineers is working with mobile manufacturers to improve video playback.

At the moment the recommended list is 18 gadgets. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 got Google Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus HTC and U12 6 Plus. However, among YouTube Signature Devices there is no single model of iPhone.

Perhaps the Apple has not received recommendations because YouTube is owned by Google, which in turn supports the Android operating system that competes with iOS. The formal reason may be that the iPhone do not support Google’s VP9 video codec, with the result that Safari users can’t watch the video in 4K.

Certification is unlikely YouTube will affect someone’s decision to purchase the smartphone, but soon this mark will certainly appear in the marketing materials of selected manufacturers.


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