Since 2019 YouTube Originals will be available to all free of charge, but with advertising. Users will be able to see series and shows created exclusively for YouTube. They are now included in the Premium subscription YouTube and “YouTube TV”, although some of the old content are gradually laid out in open access. The video explained the decision desire to expand the audience and the growing demand from fans, writes Business Insider. YouTube Originals is a collection of original TV shows and movies (including Cobra Kai and Origin) from popular YouTube. YouTube Premium subscribers can watch videos from the collection immediately after their release. In the US the cost of a monthly subscription is 11.99 dollar in Russia — 250 rubles. New student rates start from $ 4.99. Restarting the service took place in may: YouTube Red became known as the Premium and YouTube has teamed up with streaming service YouTube Music. Free access to YouTube Originals raises the question about the future of YouTube Premium — if you can watch the video with ads to save money on this $ 12, then the subscription model will be threatened. However, the company said that the paid service will still have the benefits of offline viewing, the lack of ads, the ability to upload video and include it in the background. The new strategy implies that the content of YouTube Originals should be available to both subscribers and those who do not want to pay. The hosting changed the strategy after it became known about the development of Apple’s own streaming service. It is assumed that the owners of iPhone, iPad and Apple TV will offer original content and paid subscriptions of other media companies, and (most likely) for free. This may indicate that the desire to make money on YouTube advertising the original content was stronger than the desire to develop a paid model.

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