According to Bloomberg, the service videos YouTube attracts the most popular bloggers for advertising paid subscriptions, advanced chat and other innovations.

Fees offered to the bloggers range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With the beginning of 2018, on the platform, a host of innovations. The service presented the opportunity to apply for a paid membership, run a paid chat rooms, and developed new merchandising program to retain top bloggers and not allow them to go on competing platforms. The owners of popular channels often complained that YouTube does not imply other means of income, except advertising. Besides, the policy of the service to protect advertisers from controversial content has seriously affected the income of many of them.

Problems YouTube was quick to take advantage of a third-party site. Facebook and Instagram told the bloggers about the new features in the video, but Twitch promised to reduce dependence on advertising contracts through the use of additional features in chat rooms.

In order not to lose content creators, the YouTube user made it easier for authors ways of selling subscriptions and other paid functions. For example, now fans can pay send highlighted messages during live broadcasts.

YouTube often takes the tools of competitors to keep the audience. So in 2014, not to give content creators go to a new service Vessel, YouTube has paid out the bonuses for posting on the site of the exclusive materials that were forbidden to publish anywhere else.


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