The YouTube experiment with a paid “premium” subscription with access to exclusive TV series and other content, it seems, has not worked — in the management of video hosting has decided to offer content for free, obosov his is, profitable. New video section Originals starting from 2019 will be able to watch not only YouTube Premium subscribers, but to everyone.

Representatives of the Google-owned video service said to Business Insider that the decision to stop limiting access to exclusive content due to a desire to expand his audience and “to meet the growing demand of fans around the world.”

In the Originals section now includes over 100 television programs including the TV series “Cobra Kai”, “Origin”, etc. Access to them is not buying a subscription users will receive, they will remain exclusive member Premium, and the public will be the new Originals that YouTube will start to upload in 2019.

YouTube has launched a YouTube Premium subscription and included in it (but also available separately) YouTube Music in the middle of 2018 in many countries, including Russia. For 200 rubles per month (or 300 per family of five), you can get rid of ads (except the one that is integrated with content creators directly to the rollers), to be able to save videos for offline viewing and listen to music or lectures, turning the app.

The publication notes that the change of strategy YouTube, is scheduled for the beginning of 2019, close to appearing in the rumors the launch date of the streaming video service Apple — March 2019. It is possible that the Apple (or a significant portion of the content in it) will be free for all owners of an iPhone or iPad.

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