The reputation of successful companies can make the most of their value. According to studies, the value of intangible assets Apple is 62%, and Amazon — 95% of their market price! And improving the reputation of the company by 1% increases its value by 2.6 times, according to the international Reputation Institute.

Usually in terms of reputation in the eyes of consumers in the markets lead to local players. But in our country there was a paradoxical situation. According to the same institution, reputation of international companies by 15-17% ahead of the Russian. And this Delta is the largest in the world.

Why is this happening, and how you measure corporate reputation?

The value of reputation: Russia and Zapadaniya how to measure and evaluate reputation, is one of the main reasons why Russian companies do not pay her enough attention, according to the Agency MAGRAM Market Research.

Business can not definitely say influence whether an incident to his reputation, and if so, how did it affect its sales. Many entrepreneurs think: if I have a good sale, why do I care about what people think of me?

Western companies are much more aware of the importance of this aspect than the Russian, and are ready to invest in reputation.

A significant incident happened a year ago in the US with Starbucks. In one of the outlets police detained dark-skinned visitors who wanted to use the toilet without making a reservation. Video of the detention scored 10 million views and caused a very negative reaction of society: people saw the incident as a sign of racism and began to call for a boycott of the network.

The company went into large-scale expensive step. 8 thousand Starbucks in the US almost a day stopped work to conduct training on anti-racism to 175 thousand employees.

In Russia, a similar reaction of the business is difficult even to imagine. In the best case, the company may be limited to apologies and “tactical” decisions such as dismissal of individual responsibility in the incident staff.

Many companies generally do not react. In may 2019, the top Manager of the company “Miratorg” has identified its target audience as “bullshit”, causing a strong negative reaction in social networks with an appeal to boycott the products. The press service of the company has not commented on the situation.

Another incident occurred in network shops “the Magnet”, the seller who was beaten by a resident of Tajikistan. Despite the fact that a petition asking network executives to intervene in the incident have signed tens of thousands of people, “Magnet” still did not react to the incident.

How to measure reputational to measure the reputation associated with the complexity of this term: reputation depends on many aspects of the company.

According to the theory of communicative action of jürgen Habermas, any reputation can be assessed by three types of object relationships with the world: functional, social and emotional.

That is, on the one hand, the perception of the company determined by facts about it, its scale and the amount of profit. On the other, the important role played by its social responsibility. For example, concern about the environment, philanthropy, or at least ethical behaviour in the public space. Third, assessed the emotions that causes the image of the company and its products among consumers. Emotional reputation is largely dependent on the personal charisma of leaders, but also due to the atmosphere inside and around the company and products.

One of the most influential methods of measuring reputation in the world — from RepTrak Reputation Institute. It has been used for 20 years and distributed in more than 30 countries. The reputation of the company by this method is measured on the basis of three indicators. The first emotion that people experience in relation to it. Then the respondents 7 indicators of the company: its relationship to innovation culture in the workplace, management level in the company, social responsibility, and the like. In conclusion assesses the willingness of people to support the work of the company and its products. In the end, the overall reputation is assessed on a scale from zero to one hundred points.

The RepTrak system to assess the reputation of the world’s largest company. The three leaders in our country — “Yandex”, “Kaspersky Lab” and “Aeroflot”. It is noteworthy that “Aeroflot” in terms of sympathy, which causes the company, is in third place, and the evaluation of work — on the 28th.

Ratings of business reputation, constitute and other independent organizations. Two of the most respected in the world — World’s Most Respected Companies and Global Most Admired — prepared edition of the Financial Times and Fortune. The methodology of these ratings are fundamentally different, but each is also assessed and actual, social and emotional components of reputation.

In addition to ratings, business reputation, there are similar corporate governance ratings (CGR). In Russia, their preparation involved Standard & Poor’s and the Institute of corporate law and management.

Such measurements are long — term and expensive project. The company bought reputational audits to understand their place in the market, the dynamics of the development of reputation based on the perception of the company from conducting long-term campaigns and correlation with marketing promotions. Major brands conduct this analysis annually. In studies involving thousands and thousands of consumers. And the whole process can take several months.

The basis of the methods of measuring reputation are surveys and interviews with representatives of target groups. They can be both end consumers and employees, shareholders and even competitors.

A special role in the formation of reputation is a so-called “diffuse group”. It’s not the target audience of the brand as “buffers” between him and the outside world. For a long time, this category included only the media. However, with the Internet playing an increasingly important role of social networks and other sites that publish content about the brand.

According to Reputation Institute, the degree of confidence in big business today is only 16%, degree of trust in the media — 30%.

By the way, the role of the media to evaluate the reputation of the brand appreciate even security companies. Last year the Central Bank tightened the requirements on verification of borrowers of banks through the media to identify early risks that are not yet reflected in official documents, but which have already been reported in the press.

Automation control reputatsionnyj audits and large-scale studies are needed to measure and manage reputation. However, they cannot be daily. While it is important for companies to “keep a finger on the pulse” and react to what is happening in the external environment as quickly as possible.

To manage reputation on a daily basis to help monitoring system media and social media. Today, these instruments turned into a full system of reputation management.

If the earlier functionality was limited to only monitoring mentions of the company, today’s monitoring systems create different indexes for data analysis about the company in media space and work with them. Including assessment and reputation management.

For example, in the SCAN-Interfax index developed by reputational risk. It is calculated on the basis of more than 40 risk factors-from non-compliance with business ethics to litigation and helps the company time to notice that “something is wrong” and respond to.

The index of direct speech allows you to perform, whether they’ve heard the media position of the company. This indicator is very important for the evaluation of megapole in crisis time. For example, now indicative of the situation with the company “Rolf”. After the incident customers have had legitimate concerns about the advisability of continuing the relationship with the brand. The press service has taken a very active stance, repeatedly saying that fulfils and will fulfil their duties. Index direct speech of the company amounted to 52% — that is half of numerous publications about the company are “direct speech” of the company. The company’s position heard and conveyed to readers.

Also useful functionality, which allows to determine the tone of the publications associated with the brand. And artificial intelligence context-sensitive “victim-persecutor” and the activity of the company. For example, the Central theme of “revocation of license” will not be a negative, or Sberbank, which fights fraud, this fact will not be negatively colored. Sometimes, of course, there are the embarrassments: so, the SCAN has identified the fact “PhosAgro shot” as a criminal offense. But linguistic mechanisms are flexible, they are trained. And companies set up the alerts in real time and can respond to threats to reputation in the shortest possible time.

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