Journalist and video blogger Yuri Dude released app “wdud” Smart TV, powered by Getintent.TV. The owners of televisions connected to the Internet, will have access to interview and documentary editions “Vuda”, as well as the opportunity to buy branded products directly in the app. Users will have the convenience of viewing editions of the channel “wdud” on the big screen, while maintaining the ability of choice, personalization, and interactivity inherent in the Internet. App Dude now available for such popular models of Smart TV as Samsung and LG. Soon will be released version for other platforms, the connected TV (connected TV), such as Android TV and Apple TV, and app for smartphones. Launch native apps for popular video blog was made possible thanks to Getintent.TV a unique platform for managing and monetizing video created by Russian-American technology company Getintent. The developers plan to develop cooperation with popular videoblogger and content owners not only in Russia but also in the United States. Mikhail Balakin, Director of strategy and business development Getintent: the Idea of the TV as the device for viewing television programs on a set schedule as antiquated as the idea that the phone solely for making calls. Connected TV technology has changed consumer behavior worldwide: year number of hours spent watching Internet video on large screens is growing exponentially. Using Getintent.TV it is possible not only to promptly launch its own app for connected TV and mobile platforms, but to immediately start making money on advertising. And the rates for advertising on connected TV devices now more than ever attractive. According to Mediascope, in 2018 the Russian audience connected TV increased by 22% compared to the previous period and amounted to 17.3 million users, 12% of Russians. For comparison, the connected TV audience in the U.S. in the same year there were already 182 million users, more than half of the population. This increase in popularity CTV opens up opportunities for advertising. In applications on the platform Getintent.TV already embedded tools of mediation advertising and online storefront, through which bloggers can monetize content and track usage statistics. Yuri Dude, sports journalist and video blogger: it’s Time to admit the only good thing in the modern tellies is Internet access. Yay!

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