E-petition to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky demanding in the country to ban the products of the American Corporation Apple appeared on the website of the President.

“I demand to immediately ban the activities of Apple in Ukraine, to ban their products, their importation. To equate the iPhone to the St. George’s ribbon. To create a state program for recycling available to the public products with a refund”, — reads the petition.

The author acted as a citizen of Ukraine Roman Maksymchuk.

The appeal was supported by 648 people from 25 thousand is required for formal consideration by the head of state. Until the end of collection of signatures there are 89 days.

27 Nov Apple employees made changes in the products, indicating that the Peninsula of the Crimea is a Russian territory. This issue was raised at the discussion of Russian parliamentarians with representatives of Apple in may of this year.

After that Ukrainian diplomats have appealed to the U.S. State Department called for a “fix incorrect designation”. The Minister of foreign Affairs Vadym Prystayko has compared Apple’s decision with “theft of ideas worst enemy, but someone all the same.”

November 30, Apple said that the company always pointed to the Ukrainian Crimea outside Russia and has made changes in membership area only for Russian users.

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